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To walk the "Path of Honesty" takes courage, determination, perseverance, and a very strong sense of knowing right from wrong and then abiding by and living this lifestyle. Anything in life of "real value" like a person's trustworthiness, loyalty, integrity, and virtue, which constitutes having a character of excellence, must be earned and when earned, these people are winners and these have what it takes to be the great leaders we have had in the history of the world. 

Unfortunately, too many become leaders who operate through deception and underhanded, self serving practices. Though these may seem like winners, they aren't in reality and usually, sooner or later, they are revealed as nothing more than pathetic losers without the guts to stand up to, support, and tell the truth; who were nothing more than 'master manipulators' and used deception to gain a high position in society, only to have their castle built on the shifting sand of lies come crashing down around them when the real truth is disclosed about them. Then a society that once revered them will ultimately turn to being disgusted with them. 

An example who comes to mind here is Lance Armstrong. So many supported, admired, and looked up to him but in the end, when the truth came out, everything he built around lies and deception came crashing down. So instead of being a 'winner', ultimately he was a 'loser' in disguise.

"Winners accept and deal with the truth;
Losers accept and work with the lies."

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