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This is so true and I've learned this a number of times throughout my life usually the painful way. You may believe a friend is really a true friend but until you've found yourself going through some tough times will you find out how true or not the friendship is and if the friend you thought to be true actually sticks by you through the thick and the thin, only then will you know they are a true friend, when they have proven they are. Don't expect the number of your true friends to be high or significant because true, real friends are few and far between. Be sure then to cherish, treasure, and appreciate your true friends and never take them for granted.

The same is applicable with Love. You may believe it when another tells you they Love you, that you're the joy of their life, etc.. But until the Love between you and another undergoes some trying, difficult times, will you then find out the "trueness" of your Love relationship. This is when you'll learn they either truly Love you or they don't. If another is truly invested in the Love between you two, they will stick with you and want to work through a problem or problems with you to resolve it/them. Otherwise they'll see it as an opportunity to free themselves from the relationship.

..And if this is the case, let them go because there's NOTHING you can ever do to make another Love you. They either do or they don't. There's no in between. If they're not going to be with you when you need them the most, therefore in reality you're on your own, then you might as well be without them, be on your own altogether. As painful as it is to let someone go you Love, you WILL survive and not only will you survive, you will come through stronger, wiser, and more resilient in the process.

In both of the aforementioned scenarios finding out another is not a friend really or the one you Love doesn't really Love you, compounds the difficulty of the situation because when you need someone the most, they bail. This is when it's time to forgive to free yourself from a fair weather friend/Lover but do not forget. Otherwise, you'll be doomed to repeat history. Remember, few people change their ways.

"It is through our most trying times, 
we find our truest friends."

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