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Inner beauty, strength, and value is not "gender specific". Both a man and a woman can "choose" to be, have, and project these.

So often, as I wander around Facebook and other social sites, seeing the posts of my friends and on many pages, I see many shares about the beauty and so forth of women. Don't get me wrong, however. I'm not criticising this. But.. there are also many good and yes, beautiful men, not just or mainly women. ..And so, in all fairness, I would like to see more credit given to good men as well. The true beauty of a "person" is their inner beauty, in their strengths and in their values.

There is an inner beauty, strength and value about a person:
- Who believes in, accepts, likes, and respects themselves, which enables them to do and be likewise with others.
- Who knows themselves, acknowledging both their pluses and their minuses.
- Who chooses empathy over apathy in regards to others.
- Who knows they are capable of anything they put their mind to.
- Who forges and follows their own path, rather than blindly following along behind others.
- Who is not thrown off by obstacles along the way, including by others who are determined to deter them.
- Who's reasoning and intelligence comes from experience and lessons learned therefrom.
- Who knows they can fall, can fail, but can and do pick themselves back up again and move forward as an 'improved'... "work in progress".
- Who, knowing they themselves can and do make mistakes from which they themselves learn from, accept that others must also be afforded the same courtesy.
- Who takes a stand and then stands by it, especially when tested.
- Who realises their own inner beauty, strengths, and values, can and will intimidate others who only wish for the same to be present within themselves.
- Who’s confidence is the result of... all of the aforementioned.

"One's Inner Strength and Value 
Is One's Inner and True Beauty."

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