Friday, June 19, 2015


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Why must we humans see the differences among us as being correct or incorrect? lesser or greater? better or not? good or bad? If we all saw everything the 'same' way, did the 'same' things, liked the 'same' things, etc., it would be a very boring and monotonous world, I think.

Why do humans have to assume the worst about or fear automatically things they aren't familiar with? Unless another's way of life, thinking, etc. can/will cause harm to others, we humans should learn to respect others, respect others have as much right to think, believe, live differently from us, as we do for thinking, believing, and living differently from others. We don't have to adopt others' way of life, thinking, etc. or even be in agreement with, but we do need to respect their rights as we want respect from others. "Agreement is not paramount for understanding and/or respect to be present." ~ Artsieladie Quote  

"Instead of allowing our differences to bring about division,
We should embrace our differences to magnify our vision."

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