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"Artsieladie Logo"
This is my logo (two versions: coloured and gold metallic) being displayed in their full, large size. My three main creative mediums are art (traditionally most all of my life: mainly oils, pencil, and coloured pencil and now mostly digital), writing (mainly poetry and quotes) and music (keyboard player). Within the logo there's representation for "A"rtsie"L"adie" in the pencil, paint brush, and the musical symbol (Fermata). Then there are the two initials for Sharon Donnelly. 
           Coloured version:           

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              Gold version:              
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"We accentuate our worthiness in whole, not just in part,
When with our words and actions, there's sincerity in our heart."
~ Quote by Artsieladie 
Art by Artsieladie

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