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Welcome to my quotes' blog! On this blog I share with my audience quotes I have authored. Some will be in images, some won't and will be just the text version of. Quotes written in lines of rhyme are sometimes referred to as "quoems".

Unlike my art, which the general focus is on beauty in general, the beauty of animals and nature particularly, my quotes, like my poetry, can venture into any topic, touching on both the positive and negative aspects of life. I write from my knowledge base and much is based on what I've learned through first hand experience, making it drawn from a place within, of insight or perspicacity. 

I believe in Love and the power of Love and Love's many wonderful and positive characteristics, which I wish more people would choose to apply as opposed to the opposite. We all want a world of peace and tranquility, or I would like to think so anyway, but yet, so many folks choose to resort to the characteristics associated with hate, like bullying, bashing, bitterness, jealousy, resentment, revenge, etc.. If we cultivate and emanate negativity, we can't expect a positive, peaceful atmosphere. 

Just as with any problematic issue in life, we can't address and fix something if we're unaware of its existence or if we choose to ignore or refuse to acknowledge the same. When it comes to issues within ourselves and our character, we ourselves can only address to correct a negative characteristic. In other words 'other people' cannot fix us. Only we ourselves can but first we must acknowledge our shortcomings and then, through self discipline, make an honest effort to better ourselves.

I hope my quotes touch and resonate with folks in a way that's positive, whether, for examples, it's warning others to protect themselves or it strikes a cord within others for the purpose of inspiring them to want to better themselves. We're all really 'works in progress', with the key word being 'progress'. Love is about uplifting others and encouraging others to be the best they can be and we can't be at our best if we're not addressing what's keeping us from being so.

I like to write as is obvious, but this is a 'welcome' page meant to introduce my readers to this blog with just a little insight to my line of thought in general. So, with this said, I'll end here and instead, let my quotes convey and elaborate more on.

Work on positive to accentuate;
Work on negative to minimise, negate.
Mistakes are learning tools; 
Shortcomings make us humble,
So, with our successes,
Our ego cannot crumble.
~ Artsieladie/Sharon Donnelly

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~ Artsieladie/Sharon Donnelly
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"We accentuate our worthiness in whole, not just in part,
When with our words and actions, there's sincerity in our heart."
~ Quote by Artsieladie 
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