Tuesday, June 09, 2015


Greetings and welcome from Artsieladie!

Welcome to my new blog! This blog is for sharing with my audience quotes I have written. Some will be in images, some won't and will be just the text version of a quote of mine.

To start I'm selecting one of my favourites because when I look back over my life, some of the happiest and most rewarding times in my life have been when I'm giving to another in some way and there are many ways to be giving besides actually giving something in a tangible form. When we help another or others, we are giving of our time, for instance. When we compliment someone or have kind words to say to/for them, we are giving of kindness, as another instance.

When we are giving to/for others, we are also receiving, giving to ourselves, because when we give, we also feel within a good feeling about ourselves. When we give to others, we reinforce our own value, giving us a sense of self worth. When we know we have self worth and can therefore like who we are, we have a more positive outlook on life, and we'll have a greater tendency to look for the same in others, overall improving the immediate atmosphere for all concerned but also instigating a ripple effect that will continue with broadened parameters. 

"Giving is the joy of living."

Quote by Artsieladie/Sharon Donnelly © All rights reserved.
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