Saturday, June 27, 2015


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I have found this to be true more times in my life than I can count. Why people in general are more gullible and so willing to accept when they're told lies and yet, when they're told and shown the truth, they will pick the truth apart believing the truth is lies and even when provided factual data substantiating the truth, is beyond me and makes no sense.

So many problems between people both on a small scale and a large one are brought on because of lies that have been told and spread. More often than not, those who tell lies have an agenda, like for covering up something they are doing or have done they know is wrong. Then when another person (whistleblower) either learns the hidden truth or is connecting the dots of the hidden truth, the whistleblower is accused of lying. Since people in general believe lies more readily than will believe the truth, especially denouncing lies, exposing the liars and deceivers is so much more difficult than it should be, ultimately protecting the liars and deceivers.

"Feed people lies and they'll eat every bite!
Gobble them up! Swear they're right!
Feed people the Truth they'll reject the taste,
Throw it away, treat it like waste."

Quote/Image by Artsieladie/Sharon Donnelly
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