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Very few humans don't desire to have in their life that one person to share life with. But fear has tremendous power and our hearts are our most precious and vulnerable part, which we guard and protect above all else. There are a number of aspects with fear involving one's heart: fear of rejection, fear of one's heart being used and abused, fear of ridicule and rejection from family, friends, and peers are likely the most prevalent.

Fear traps a person into a "safe zone", believing safe is better than taking a risk, especially when their heart's state of being is at stake. But just because they are in the "safe zone", they aren't likely in a "happy zone" if their heart has a burning, unfulfilled desire within.

Then if you add into the equation self esteem issues, lack of confidence in oneself, equaling insecurity, fear gains the upper hand that much easier. Ego loves fear and uses fear against one whenever possible. A person may project confidence but if they aren't really, their ego has assumed control. True confidence is when humility is present. Arrogance is ego's version of confidence, substituting arrogance for confidence, but underneath, within, an arrogant person is very insecure and they live in fear, mostly because they don't want others to learn, find out, what/how they really perceive themselves to be, which is a low opinion of themselves for one or more reasons, which their ego reinforces and uses as leverage to gain control.

A person's ego will make a person believe that who they are for real isn't good enough, so they need their ego to paint a better picture of themselves, which is then projected as their real self. Being a projection, they're dependent upon how others perceive them, which makes them need validation by others but at the same time will deny they do. Since ego paints a false picture its host is believing, the person accepts the lying to/about themselves, removing as well, the need to cultivate courage, which can only help ego to use fear even more against the person. As long as one's ego is in charge, their ego will keep them trapped in a state of fear.

Therefore, should they take a risk with their heart and get rejected, they are seriously crushed on a few levels. Not only do they have their heart, their feelings within, hurt, but also their pride, ego's illusion of, is shattered when they have to face how they really perceive themselves as lowly, which their ego has convinced them is true to convince them to rely on their ego. Ego encourages denial by offering an easy way out through deception, conning its persuaded host they need to rely on their ego, making them easily manipulated by it as well.

Realities are extremely hard to face and bear and when combined, excruciating, and especially so when a person is accustomed to being deceived and manipulated by their ego.
 Truth in itself can be tough to handle, but truth uncovering betrayal, especially of oneself, is brutal. Rejection is just one reality an ego driven person isn't equipped to handle very well for reasons explained.

No one is exempt of the possibility of their heart getting hurt but a truly confident person, who knows and is okay with their real self and not dependent upon their ego's illusions, doesn't also have to deal with being double whammied with betrayal of self on top of a hurt heart. A truly confident person is more inclined to take a risk because they know their character has a solid foundation in real and not in a wishy-washy, ego based, state of illusion in need of approval or validation by others.

Our egos, when allowed to control us, can hold us back a whole lot more than many, perhaps most, realise; can make us seem infallible when we are in fact, fallible; and convince us we are worthless when in fact, we have value. Basically, our egos are deceptive and unreliable. We all have an ego but the secret is to learn to control it and not let our ego control us to keep us from fulfillment, attaining our fullest potential, and pursuing our dreams and our heart's desire.

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"Potential Love denied the chance to materialise and grow
Because of fear within a heart to let their feelings show,
Except for in their dreams where their desire is met,
Is truly a sad tale of emptiness with the promise of regret."

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