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I've always felt a deep admiration for Princess Diana. I've watched a number of documentaries centered around her and her life. For a person to be looking for "true" Love and never really being able to truly know and feel it herself, still she gave with sincerity and heart as though she Loved based on experience, like she knew what it felt like. When she lost her life, the world suffered a tremendous loss. May she always RIP, knowing how Loved she truly was and still is. 

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"Sometimes those most deprived of Love give of Love much more
So at least others will have the Love they are longing for.
Love felt indirectly serves to soothe their inner longing
Their starving heart bleeds for, yet not with them belonging.
It's a special person who, though Love they feel without,
Can know how to give so much, to know what Love's about."

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