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A peacemaker seeks to resolve issues and uses truth to do so because a peacemaker knows all those involved can't really put an unresolved issue behind them and move forward. A person who likes and thrives on dissension and drama, a trouble maker and/or advocate for trouble, will do everything they can to keep the dissension and drama going, even accuse a person seeking resolution of being the troublemaker, especially if there are lies being covered up. 

I am all too familiar with 'drama feeders' and the lying, manipulation, stonewalling, etc. that are practiced in the evading of topics that expose the truth about the opposition. One website in particular comes to mind that's a hotbed of such a type of drama feeding, backstabbing people going all the way to the top, the owner/programmer. I was put through hell there but I've gained from the experience a wealth of information and material that no book or set of books could EVER teach me about the lower forms of humans in the conscienceless sector.

From my poem, "Gifted By God":
"When we understand why there are struggles in our life, 
All with silver linings in spite of stress and strife, 
We afford ourselves the ability to negate the negative, 
Transform it into positive to be wiser how we live."

"Atrocities are blessings, though different from the norm,
Because they are blessings delivered in an abstract form.
We can't always see the silver linings in our sky, clouded,
Until hindsight reveals what an experience enshrouded."
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"Peacemakers believe in and seek resolutions;
Troublemakers oppose and undermine solutions.
Peacemakers deal with Truth and deal with facts;
Troublemakers use lies for their counter attacks.
Peacemakers want peace and harmony;
Troublemakers thrive on hostility."

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