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Money in and of itself is not evil. But when we "lust for" money and the possessions and power money buys, THIS is where the evil is. When we "lust for" anything, indulge ourselves to the extreme, become obsessed with anything (or anyone), this is when a healthy desire turns into a very unhealthy one. One of the best rules of thumb is: "Everything in moderation". Humans aren't good with 'moderation' because when humans develop a fondness for something, even someone, the fondness or fetish is carried into the extreme zone and then humans become "addicted" and controlled 'by the addiction'. Addiction occurs when a person becomes dependent upon, controlled by whatever it is they've developed an extreme, unhealthy "lust for". It can be alcohol, gambling, drugs, money, sex, food, another person, etc., etc.. When addicted, people will do most anything to satisfy it, including compromising and lessening themselves, in various ways. The lust/addiction takes over and the person affected becomes powerless to fight it. 

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"Money is NOT the root of all evil.
The evil is in the 'lust for',
To make humans rich in pocket,
While in character, so poor."

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