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It's good usually to gain knowledge, to empower ourselves with knowledge but it's pointless to gain/absorb knowledge, if we don't apply the knowledge gained and if we gain knowledge only for self serving reasons. We are all gifted in some way or ways but we aren't gifted to serve only our own best interests and/or to hurt/harm and use against others. We're gifted so that we may share our gifts with and to benefit others as well as ourselves to keep humanity progressively growing and becoming a wiser and better human race. THIS is wisdom.

Those who have gained knowledge and are therefore intelligent but choose to use their intelligence to serve only themselves and against others to harm and steal from others in some way or ways aren't wise or intelligent then, but rather settle for making themselves lesser individuals, labeling themselves as despicable ignoramuses.

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"Intelligence alone is highly overrated;
only to be admired,
When humbly applied with wisdom;
for more than self desired."

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