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Oh, how well I KNOW this quote to be true. Those who shoot us down, praying and hoping for us to fail, even some tell us outright that we are hopeless, that we are losers, that we aren't worth a tinker's damn, won't amount to a hill of beans, shouldn't have ever been born, etc.. I've heard them all I think, beginning in my very young and formidable years from my stepfather especially and mostly, completely destroying my self worth, my self esteem, leaving me with deep, painful, internal struggles and led me to make MANY bad choices and judgment calls, particularly in my early adult years that placed me in very precarious and even dangerous situations.

Children can be and often are very resilient but resiliency doesn't remove the "inner pain and damage" and it doesn't simply dissipate when we reach adulthood. In fact, demons result that we must then either battle against, determined to overcome them OR allow them to be representative of our character. Either way, the choice when we reach adulthood is each of ours to make. Blaming whoever or whatever that brought about our inner demons isn't the answer nor solution.

Yes, we have to recognise the root causes because when we deal with the causes with the intent to eradicate or neutralize, we can only then hope to do the same with the resulting symptoms and/or repercussions our demons instigate. When all we do is blame, we're copping out, usually because we haven't the courage it takes to face and/or accept we have our demons. Anything avoided cannot be addressed. Anything not addressed can't be fixed or corrected.

Therefore, when we just blame all those who've said we'd fail to justify our demons that are at the root of our bad behaviour and choices, we are in fact proving those who've done so, right. We reward and grant them their wishes! On the positive, flip side, however, when we face our demons brought about by those wanting us to fail and we learn to use them constructively to motivate us with a determination to rise above with humility and integrity, becoming what they said we wouldn't/couldn't, hence, denying them their wishes but more important, stripping away the power of the demons they implemented in us, we are given a huge jump start with rebuilding our self esteem and worth. ..And when we can be gracious enough to be thankful for those who wished and wanted us to fail, thus ultimately, though inadvertently, being a catalyst for making us
better and stronger in the process, we then have truly attained a satisfaction that we KNOW we've "earned" and is priceless.

"In our lives, we must be thankful 
For those who are our blessin's,
But too, we must be thankful
For those who've been our lessons." 

In regards to my stepfather... As I became a little older child, I began to see the labels he was giving me, were labels more fitting of himself than they were of me, and so, I used him as an example of what NOT to let myself become, that I would instead be smart and defy his label of me as dumb, worthless, etc.. My beloved Mother on the other hand, was a superb role model and mentor for me and I am and will always be eternally grateful for God blessing me with her as my Mom, my mentor, my hero. To this day, I do not feel sorry for bad experiences I've had because without them, I wouldn't be able to understand as well others' misfortunes and bad experiences AND nor would I have the knowledge to write about as I do in my poetry and quotes, as I offer an explanation of in my "Gifted By God" poem.

"A character of integrity doesn't come to be
By denying lesser traits we wish not to see,
But rather by acknowledging they do exist
And under our control, they can't then persist."
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"One of our greatest satisfactions
can to us belong,
When those who've said we'd fail,
we have proven wrong."

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