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The word 'drama' is such a widely and carelessly used word because when others are experiencing a tough and/or painful situation or struggle and seek some sort of relief, there are others who then attach the drama label to excuse their own callous and apathetic attitude. But let these same callous and apathetic people find themselves in their own painful and tough situation and then 'their' situation they want/expect others to see it as a 'real' crisis, as they also expect others to be sympathetic and listen to their lamenting.

Obviously, we can't take on everyone's woes. Otherwise, we'd all be basket cases. But we all can be a bit more kind, more understanding, and more empathetic. We all have struggles and painful experiences and there are going to be some that we'll need some help with and support from others to help get us through. Then there are some people who can handle things a bit better than others. Then too, we can't possibly truly understand another's dilemma, if we've never been in the same or similar one ourselves.

We need to be more careful with how we use and apply the 'drama label'. I KNOW from personal experience, feeling so desperate for help, only to have others poke fun and ostracise me cruelly when I mustered up enough courage to ask for help. People who do such, use another's pain against them, kick another down when they are already, are despicable beyond words. It's these same individuals who don't hesitate to cry to others when they're going through something and very often, their situation is minor compared to another's, whom they have belittled and mocked.

Many who are so quick to apply the drama label are in fact guilty of creating and perpetuating what is actually more fitting for the drama label. People who do whatever they can to 'prevent' resolutions, such as stonewalling, circumventing, lying, blame-shifting, etc., do so because they like and thrive on dissension and the drama that's continually created as a result, but will claim another or others are responsible, not them, and very often they blame and attack whomever is trying to resolve an issue because resolving means an end to the drama. A person who seeks to resolve issues and differences, does so to put an end to dissension and the so-called drama it feeds, so the problem(s) can be put to rest and then everyone can move forward with the problem(s) AND drama left behind. 

When we go through less than pleasant experiences in life, we have two choices. We can either become more understanding, more compassionate, and more empathetic OR we can allow these experiences to infect our hearts with bitterness, resentment, apathy, and even hatred itself. The choice of which path we choose to pursue is each of ours only to decide to make and which we choose, neither the credit nor the blame for, can rest with anyone else. 

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"Drama is always 'just drama',
when it's someone else's pain.
It doesn't become a real crisis,
until it hits one's home domain."

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