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Our government made up of elitist, corrupt, puppet politicians, calls it 'healthcare' they're debating, but it's not because they're not concerned in the least with/for our 'health'. There's so much debate because they can't quite figure out how is the best way to divvy up all the 'wealth'! Between big pharma, the medical field, and the health insurance companies making all their huge profits from us being kept sick by the food industry putting and keeping all the toxic crap in our food/beverages, along with our air and water also having toxic substances (fluoride in our water for one, a neurotoxin), and then the politicians' votes being bought through lobbying by the big conglomerates of big pharma, the medical field, and health insurance companies, neither our government of corrupt politicians nor the big corporations mentioned are even remotely interested in our health.

They're all making too much money treating symptoms, either directly or indirectly, to give a rat's behind about our health and well being. Sick people need expensive medical care, treatment, and drugs. Healthy people only need health 'maintenance' and do not need the very costly treatments and drugs. Therefore, if the causes of most of our illness/disease were eliminated, then so would their huge profits also be eliminated. We Americans are kept sick deliberately for their huge profits. Elementary.

If our government of corrupt politicians REALLY CARED about 'our health', the 'root of the problem', the causes, would be addressed, with the first order of business being to order the food industry to stop putting toxic crap in our food and beverages that's making us sick with cancers, diabetes, Alzheimer's, MS, autism, etc., etc. in the first place. It would ban GMOs (that mess with and compromise our reproductive, central nervous, and immune systems, which with the latter then in turn makes us even more vulnerable to disease) and monsanto (now under bayer) from this country as several other countries have already done. The neurotoxin, fluoride would be removed from our water ASAP.

But none of these obvious causes are ever addressed. Instead, congress keeps debating in essence what expensive band-aid to apply, while allowing us to be continually in need of said band-aid. I'd say it's ignorance but it's not. It's pure GREED. Peoples' lives mean nothing. Only money and profits matter.

Wealth Trumps Health quote by/copyrighted to Artsieladie
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"Congress calls it 'healthcare',
but it's not for our 'health,
When their votes are bought,
protecting massive 'wealth'."

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