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When we're attracted to someone, it takes a lot of courage to tell them how we feel about them, if we don't know how they feel about us. It's the unknown we fear the most. But if we never get up the courage to tell them, we can't ever know if they are the one. So often two people lose/waste years that they could have been sharing their life with because of fear of how they would be received by the one they're attracted to.

There is no guarantee with most everything in life. Every new adventure in life comes with some amount of risk, some amount of doubt and uncertainty. But it's the very first step, the very first move, that is the most difficult, most SCARY and matters of the heart, where our feelings and emotions are all wrapped up in, are the SCARIEST of all! If this first step, first move, isn't taken though, nothing can commence. So, any 'might have been' gets locked in as a 'never can be'. 

Speaking on the whole, overall and understandably because of centuries of men being taught from childhood that showing feelings and emotions is a sign of weakness, men find the first step VERY difficult when it involves their heart and the emotions that come with it. Since so many men like to avoid dealing with their emotions as much as possible or like to keep them under their strict, well guarded control, hidden and locked away if possible, feeling attracted to someone with a romantic flavour really stirs those feelings and emotions up, making them difficult to control and keep close vested and then too, comes the vulnerable feeling. Men on the whole do not want or like to feel vulnerable. Not knowing if they can 'trust' the one who is stirring their emotions up, the one who's gotten their heart's attention, makes the whole experience uncomfortable and petrifying. Then add on the fear of being shot down if they dare let the cat out of the bag and you have as a result, a man who often decides he'd rather be safe than sorry. But 'safe' will never help him to fill a void in his heart.

Personally, I have a great deal of respect for a man who faces and lets his real feelings show because I know how much courage it takes for a man to do so and it's a good sign of a man being secure with himself. 

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"If we fail to say how we feel,
Away from us, time may steal,
Another chance to let one know
How much they're Loved and so,
Our chance for True Love may be gone,
Forever lost from us to dawn."

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