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I'm putting posting a quote on hold for this post because I want to bring attention to a scam by a person operating under the name of +Doris Brown ( If you look at the bottom of my post... 


which then also goes to and is posted on my Google+ profile wall (so it's visible in both places), you'll see where she addresses me in a comment about a dog, supposedly a Löwchen, that she wants to find a home for. In case she decides to delete it, here's a screengrab of it. ..And if she does, it just further proves my point of her trying to scam people, in this case myself, because people only delete/hide evidence if they are guilty.

When I first read her comment, the first question that came to my mind was, "Why is she asking 'me'?" ..And with the post content in my post, "What's the relativity?" Furthermore, apparently she didn't even find my post likable enough to give it a G+. Considering she was asking me such a favour as taking over 'her responsibility', you'd think she'd at least show even the smallest gesture of gratitude, wouldn't you?

She expresses that she wants to find her dog a "good home". Yet, she's asking me, a person she doesn't know from Adam and if she had bothered to read my Google+ bio, she would have known I like animals/pets. Yet, she asks me, "Do you like pets?" So, it's obvious she didn't read my bio to learn more about me before she approached me with her so-called doggie dilemma. If she's so concerned like she portrays she is that her dog goes to a new, "good home", she should be checking out at least to some degree 'who' she is asking, finding out about them as much as possible.

In lieu of my gut instincts telling me something wasn't quite right, I did some Google searches. First I searched with: "
Doris Brown - Google Search". Found this: 

An Open Letter To Doris Brown | My Journey Into Darkness/The Story ...

Sep 28, 2016 - Dear Doris, Thank you so much for your recent comment. ... By the way…if you're going to try to run a scam, you could at least ... doris brown
You visited this page on 7/7/17.
Which takes you to:

But then I thought to be fair, this may not be the same person, fake or real. So I did another more specific search, "
Doris Brown with lowchen dog - Google Searchand I came across this: 

“When it comes to exploring the sea of love, I prefer buoys.” Andrew G ...

Feb 20, 2017 - Doris Brown's profile photo · Doris Brown ... I have a löwchen puppy I want to rehome. ... +Doris Brown lovely pup you have ... I would have given it out to the local people here but dog meat is a popular meat in Seychelles here ...
You visited this page on 7/7/17.
Which takes you to a public post on Google+: 

I took screengrabs, of course! They show the same person (or who she says she is) saying pretty much the same things to another person as she said to me:

She's OBVIOUSLY the SAME person who approached me, complete with the same profile picture.
From presumably, her 'public' Google+ profile, presumably what she looks like:

...and her dog:

...Which is 'supposed to be' a "Löwchen"? In the photo where the dog is in the car, it appears to be a Bichon Frisé and the dog running on a leash looks more like a Westie or a West Highland White Terrior, especially with that straight tail. It is harder to tell though just what type of dog it is in the second picture because the picture is smaller and less clear with the details.

Now here are a couple photos of a 
Löwchen on the Internet from

Now here are a couple photos of a Bichon Frisé on the Internet from

Now here are a couple photos of a West Highland White Terrior on the Internet from

So, I'll let you, the readers, draw your own conclusions as to what type/breed of dog she's trying to scam people with. However, I did also come across this link, which would add some reason why she would say her dog is a Löwchen. The reason being perhaps, dollar signs?

In my searches I also came across this on a scammer awareness site. The photo shown for a Doris Brown is:

I have ZERO toleraance for predatory types, regardless what type they are. It's people who use and abuse others in whatever form that contribute to the ugliness in this world. I will in no way, shape, or form enable such and instead, I will do whatever I can to expose such individuals and their criminal, immoral, and unethical behaviour. The good people of this world deserve to be told, warned.

I'm a sucker when it comes to animals/pets and I'm always so willing to help someone and being this way has got me burned so many times before I finally began to do some investigative work first before I jump in with both feet to answer a call of need. 

I'm still paying the price for supporting a person whom I thought deserved my support and admiration. I went above and beyond for him and his 'dream site', only to have to learn he was stalking me and invading my privacy using his computer programming skills. Then when I tried to get it stopped (and I've tried numerous ways, including several appeals to him, himself), he and others cruelly ostracised and belittled me and assassinated my character. ..And he is still stalking/watching me and trying to torment me through my phone. It's been going on for more than a decade now. On October 4th, 2015, he destroyed my computer's harddrive, causing $3000.00 in damages, between fixing my computer and retrieving my art and writing. ..And he did this because he didn't like what I said in a so-called PRIVATE conversation that regardless of his invasion of my privacy, he still cannot control me, my mind, my heart, or my life. One would think he'd give it up after a while. I can only pity a person who has such a pathetic life that they have nothing better to do than to monitor someone else's every move.

Anyway, I wasn't at first going to reply. After doing my homework, however, I had this to say to Doris Brown:

Replying to comment by: (also screengrabbed)
Doris Brown +Doris Brown 2 days ago

"Hi artsieladie .Do you like pets? I have an adorable lowchen puppy I want to rehome. I bought the puppy for my boyfriend before he died in an accident and due to my 24hours daily life in the hospital as a healthcare volunteer, I hardly have time to spend with Daisy and she likes playing. Never a dull moment with her. That's why I want a good loving and playful home for her. You can see her photo on my wall here."

Hello +Doris Brown 
I happen to love pets and animals, but then, this is easy to learn and know information about me since this is information I share about myself just about everywhere I am on the Internet and I have many online accounts. That's a great storyline though sad to tug on the heart strings of people to generate sympathy. But... I wasn't born yesterday and my investigative skills I have had to hone because of people like you, have taught me well how to sniff out and spot "red flags".

It seems you've been trying to pawn this dog off, you claim to be a "Löwchen" but looks like a Bichon Frisé, for quite some time....

On this Google+ post posted on Feb. 20th, 2017: (also screengrabbed)
you wrote these comments 19 weeks ago:
"Doris Brown
Hi +Petrus van Zyl​ .Do you like pets? I have a löwchen puppy I want to rehome. I adopted the puppy for my boyfriend before he died in an accident and due to my frequent travels as a healthcare volunteer, I won't have much time to take care of the puppy very well. I want a loving and caring home for the puppy. You can look the puppy photo on my wall here on Google plus."

He replied: +Doris Brown lovely pup you have 

"Doris Brown
Yes very lovely. If you like the puppy, I can send it to you through any of the animal travel courier companies here. I would have given it out to the local people here but dog meat is a popular meat in Seychelles here and I am afraid they may kill the puppy someday if I give it to them and the country has no law for animals protection. I want a loving and caring home for the it."

He replied: +Doris Brown I assume I will have to pay the courier

"Doris Brown
No. I will "

He replied: +Doris Brown I would have loved to take over the pup but my dog will not allow another dog on the property

+Doris Brown i am curious. why did you ask me about taking over your pup. you don't know me at all?

To which you then no longer had anything to say. Had to drop it when he began to question you, eh? Had to then move on to find easier pickings? How many people have you scammed with this fake story of yours? Does it make you feel good inside about yourself? ..And the shame for you to use the innocent as part of your scam is pretty damn low, about the lowest one can stoop! 

I've been on the receiving end of one too many predatory types of varying degrees and so I believe in warning others in the hopes of sparing others the grief and headaches that come with being a victim and many of my poems and quotes center around this goal. If you read some of my poetry and quotes that I write to help bring awareness to others about people who leech off of and take advantage of others like you, you might see a clear reflection of yourself. How do you live with your conscience? Do you have one? How can you have respect for yourself knowing what you're doing to other people? How can you have any sense of self worth?

One of the things that I am NOT is an 'enabler'. I could have just as easily deleted your comment here and gone on about my business, but I have a conscience. If I deleted your scam-in-action comment, others then wouldn't/couldn't be made aware of what you're pulling and THIS then would make me an enabler of your scam. You've barked up the wrong tree this time. ..And by the reports about you I've read and seen, THIS scam isn't your only one. You see, before writing a reply, I did my homework, first. You may be and have been getting away with scamming people thus far, but at some point and time, it's all going to catch up to you. The truth always comes out sooner or later.

I do not hate you but I'm certainly not pleased with what you're doing. "Hate the bad action not the soul." I'm sure if you looked deep enough inside yourself, you'd find a much better person than the one you're living as and portraying. But the only person who can change you, is you. I'll pray that you seek and find a better and positively productive way of life that doesn't involve hurting and scamming others. God bless you. 
-- end.


Just as I suspected she would, she either deleted her comment or hid her comment from me, but I was two steps ahead of her. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. This one is worth a million! ..Because the screengrab shows "her comment" right on my post over onto my Google+ profile wall before I wrote my reply.

and here's another example of her comment being on my post after I wrote my reply:

...and now here it is without her comment after reading my reply to hers, I think I can reasonably deduce:

..and this is the link to my Google+ post if anyone would like to check it out for themselves:

I love being able to open as many tabs as is needed, so you can compare how things transpire between the before and the after. Her Google+ profile was open to the public "before" my reply. Otherwise, I wouldn't have been able to see and save the photos she had/has posted. Here's the screengrab "before":

....and here's how her Google+ profile is NOW:

...And now I've blocked her.

People who use, abuse, scam, etc. others just HATE being caught and they HATE it even more when they are exposed. They expect others to tolerate and accept being used, abused, scammed, etc.. Well, this one barked up the wrong tree when she tried to scam me with her doggone tale, sad story!

Everyone, be safe and follow your gut instincts. If something someone is saying, selling, pushing, 
etc., smells peculiar, it usually is your first clue to proceed with caution and don't hesitate to investigate. 
..And expose them, bring them out into the open to help prevent them from harvesting more victims.

💟 Have a safe and wonderful day! 💟
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