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Anyone can 'say' anything but standing behind one's words and/or carrying out what one says, keeping their word, is another matter. A person of integrity doesn't just 'say' words but carries out and stands behind, supports, their words. In other words, one must 'own' their words not just 'say' them. 

It is rare to find someone who will 'actually' keep their word, especially in regards to confidentiality. Telling someone that what they tell you will remain just between them and you, does NOT mean that you can then go tell someone else what was told to you in confidence, regardless of 'who' you tell, whether they are your spouse, sibling, friend, a group you belong to, or whoever.

I have been chastised severely by a group of people who had a history of belittling people who made a complaint about something. So instead of focusing on the issue(s), they focused on making fun of those who asked for issues to be addressed. This group attacked me for refusing to go against my given word because I wouldn't give up names of those who had come to me expressing their concerns about something. They accused me of being disloyal, a traitor to the group because I wouldn't and I was even mocked for having and standing by my principles. But even so, I REFUSED to go against my given word. There's no better validation of your own self worth and integrity than to have principles and to uphold them, especially when others are trying to break you AND it speaks volumes about those who try to, for they display they have no principles nor integrity themselves, because if they did, they'd show respect towards one who does, not try to break them down or especially, poke fun at them for having and standing by their principles.

I have found that oftentimes people just need to vent, get something off their chest that's bothering them; just need to talk something out with someone whether to validate their thinking or to obtain from another a different perspective. Repeating such a conversation is just inviting trouble. But there are people who just love to stir up trouble. I've learned the hard way that there are VERY, VERY, VERY few people who can be trusted to zip their lips and when they repeat something, they can't without colouring it with some negative twisting as well. A person who can't be trusted to keep their word, is a person who can't be trusted, period. 

"Words are just empty vessels when 
by themselves they stand alone,
But words become power-full, mountain movers, 

when the deliverer does them own."

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