Wednesday, October 31, 2018


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When humans 'in general' finally get it that when we work together instead of: against each other, squabbling and bickering with each other, taking from and infringing on others, being greedy and selfish, and mainly because of over inflated egos, then and only then will we be able to make the changes needed for a better world for ALL. The few who try to initiate changes to improve our world are silenced, snuffed out, and are laughed at, made fun of, and said to be dreamers of the impossible, but peace and harmony is ONLY impossible because too many only care about themselves, their comfort zones, and their wallets and materialistic possessions. 

Wall Of Fire quote by/copyrighted to Artsieladie
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"A single flame can snuffed out, be,
But a wall of fire defies the sea."

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Quote by Artsieladie/Sharon Donnelly
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